Hey guys! I figured I’d introduce myself for those new here! My name is Brooke (Newly last name is Stiller since I just got married in 2019), and I’ve been passionately in love with the creativity of makeup for 10+ years. I worked very hard to build my business, starting out with editorials for local magazines, and training to do airbrush, working at makeup counters, and now freelancing on my own! Specializing in bridal makeup and everything in between to this wonderful community and city! A little backstory about me -I fell in love with my best friend, we had two beautiful children, and then just finally got married last year haha! We are backwards, but proud of how life unfolded unexpectedly and beautifully. I am also a nurse 2 days a week. Making others feel good about themselves is something I’ve always taken pride in, and I am still learning every day. I’m so enthralled to be apart of this creative + collaborative community. A huge thank you to Whole Hearted Photo for these headshots! If you’d like to see more of my recent work, I encourage you to check out my Instagram account (yes, I FINALLY made one!) @makeupbybrookeduvall    – Thank you for visiting my page, and let me know if you have any questions!