(Behind the scenes)

A quick little backstory about me- I’ve been doing makeup for TEN, almost 11 years! It feels crazy to say that. I started out in cosmetology school, and quickly shifted from hair to a passion for makeup. Makeup was an outlet for me in my younger years when I had insecurities about my imperfections, but as I’ve grown older and what I’d like to call wiser, I’ve learned to love makeup in a different way; Not to cover up and hide those imperfections, but to accentuate and showcase the most stunning features. This is my full-time business, and I’ve recently (as of 2021) grown my business into a small team of artists. There are 3 of us, meaning we can serve more of you and cut the time in half for larger parties of people! Everyone is welcome in our chair, and we are eager to continue growing in such an amazing community of creatives!

Photography on this page is by: Jessica Mahorn Photography, Love Hunters, Crystal Ludwick Photo, & Porchia Nicole Photography